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Where can you get a non-low flow shower faucet? There is usually a flow restrictor in the faucet that can be removed. It should be in the center of the faucet where the hot and cold mix. As far as I know the government made it mandatory for manufacturer's to only produce low flow faucet's . Manufacture only, consumers can do what they want with them.
Why would the cold water work fine but the hot water shuts off completely as soon as it gets slightly warm after installing a new sink and water lines and faucet in a bathroom?
Your ANTI SCALD valve (if equipped) may be defective.  This valve is a device which usually adjusts the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet so as to prevent scalding.  The valve usually decreases or governs the hot water side.  It is usually preset from the factory, unless you have a model that needs to be set manually.  Most better faucets come with that feature.  Check with the manufacturer to determine if yours does.

OR During Installation, you may have also caused an obstruction within the hot water inlet, bet it a piece of teflon tape or plumbers putty, etc.  The item obstructing may be forced towards the valve after a period of time, or expanding with the increase of temperature causing the water to stop.

What would cause the bathtub faucet to leak when both knobs are turned off tightly?
On the bottom of the "stem" is a rubber gasket called a washer. This washer is solely responsible for the stoppage of flow. Some "stems" do not use washers but are valves within themselves. You will have to replace the "stem".

To fix this:

1) Turn water off under sink by turning the T-Stop valves (for a sink) or the Water Main in the house (for a tub/shower).

2) Remove faucet handle ( 1 screw usually under a metal or plastic cap on the top of the handle). Be careful for the screws are often rusted or degraded and can cause alot of problems.

3) Remove the stem using the proper sized wrench. Often times the stem is reverse threaded meaning "righty loosey" rather than "lefty loosey" (careful! here too you can run into degradation).

4) On the bottom of the stem you will see the washer (held in with 1 screw {degredation warning}) Remove the washer (if you see no washer it is time to buy stems) and match it in size at your local Hardware store or with the proper one in the Assortment Pack you previously purchased (Hint! Hint!). If the screw on the bottom of the stem is completely (most likely) degraded (un-removable) you will have to replace the stem ($6.00 - $21.00). Your local Hardware store or Plumbing supply house will serve you if you bring the old one with you. (there are many,many,many different types)

5) Reverse the process for assembly and your will no longer be leaky.