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My garbage disposal stopped working.  What can I try to do to get it to start again? If your garbage disposal stops working the first thing to remember is NEVER PUT YOUR HAND DOWN THE DRAIN INTO THE DISPOSAL. There are 2 main things to check first.

1 The first thing you should notice is whether the motor is humming or is it quiet ( no noise ). If the unit is humming then you probably have too much food down in the hopper and it has bound up the blades. Turn the unit off. If you have a wooden broom handle you can turn it upside down handle first into the unit and pry the blades loose. This usually works every time. Turn the unit back on and try it. If that works then problem solved but if the motor is quiet the first thing you should check is the red reset button on the side or bottom of the unit. If the button is popped out then push it back in and try the unit again.

2 If the button is in then the next thing you should check is the circuit breaker located in the electrical service panel. If the breaker is tripped then reset the breaker and try the unit again. If the breaker is not tripped then the switch or the unit itself is bad