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Water Pressure

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Why does the toilet and shower in the bathroom have great water pressure but the sink faucet has almost no water pressure? Flush the lines - The under sink shutoff valves and or the fill lines to the sink are probably clogged. Sometimes you can flush the lines and everything will work fine. Other times you need to replace the lines. Be sure to remove the aerator and check the flow first. it might be the whole problem.
Why does your water flow in spurts occasionally especially your outside spigot if your well is fairly new and your air tank has good pressure? Its just air in the lines, nothing serious...
Where can you get a non-low flow shower faucet? There is usually a flow restrictor in the faucet that can be removed. It should be in the center of the faucet where the hot and cold mix. As far as I know the government made it mandatory for manufacturer's to only produce low flow faucet's . Manufacture only, consumers can do what they want with them.